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Sirotin Viktor Ivanovich. 


Basic education: 07/1975- 07/1980
Moscow Higher School of Art and Industry (MVHPU, former & nbsp;
Stroganovskoe); currently - Moscow State Art and Industry Academy. S. G. Stroganov.  

Speciality: Sculptor.
Academic degree, category: member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 1988 

Creative experience:
Participant of a number of Republican, All-Union and foreign exhibitions. The works are in the museums of Moscow and Russia: Moscow State Museum of Fine Arts. A. S. Pushkin; Moscow Literary Museum. A. S. Pushkin; museum-reserve "Abramtsevo", etc., as well as abroad - in Greece (Athens), Moldova, etc.
Publications about creativity:
Journal "Decorative Art of the USSR", Moscow, Author: Stanislav Ivanitsky. 1982 The Art of the Medal book. A. V. Kosareva 1982  Newspapers and magazines of the period 1982-1991 

Related knowledge:

In addition to fine arts, I actively work in the fields of history, philosophy and literature. I have the knowledge that allows me to explore the complex and responsible areas of artistic creativity. At the same time, I am guided by the possibilities of analytics and psychology. I am a finalist of an international competition organized by the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow; theme: "Humanity at the crossroads: images of the future" (2009).


     1. “On the Scales of Timelessness”, 512 p., 100 ill. Ed. Moscow magazine. 2002
     2. Collection "M. Y. Lermontov and Orthodoxy”. 510 p. Ed. House "To Unity". M. 2010 
     3. Lermontov and Christianity. 496 p. Publishing House "Fairytale Road". M. 2014 
     4. "Chains of Freedom". 384 p. Ed. House "Fairytale road". M. 2015 
     5. "Great Evolvent". 384 p. Ed. House "F
airytale road". M. 2015 
     6. "Abyss". 464 p. Ed. House "Fairytale road". M. 2019

Literary articles and journalism: 
“The Exiled Being or the “Wonderful Kingdom” of Mikhail Lermontov” (based on a report at the International Conference in Moscow dedicated to M. Yu. Lermontov. Lermontov Collection, Penza 2004).
"Lermontov in the art of his time" (Inter. conference 2005, Penza).
"Who is guilty? And what to do? Magazine "North", 2006, No. 5-6.
"The future of Russia is not in the hut", "North". 2007, No. 5-6.
"On the purity of language, honesty and the number of words." "North", 2008, 3-4.

"Strings of the Silver Age". "I am a Slavic singer Klyuev ...". Petrozavodsk, 2009. 
"Feathers of Seraphim" (about Lermontov the artist). Magazine "Our contemporary". 2009. No. 9.
Since 1993, a number of journalistic articles have been published in national newspapers.


Viktor Sirotin


In adolescence, I felt the depth and universality of the existential world, at first intuitively and later consciously trying to find my place in it. The talent of a sculptor and painter helped me to see the world through the sensation and plastic expression of my feelings, but already within the walls of the creative university (former Stroganov) I realized that this was not enough. World history, as a "fact" of human aspirations extended over time, realizes itself in & nbsp;
other hypostases, in which personal "feeling" is only a part. This prompted me to theoretical research in the field of the history of societies, art, literary creativity and philosophy, which resulted in a number of articles, books, stories and reports at scientific conferences. My long-standing passion for martial arts could not but declare itself. Understanding the three-dimensionality and volume of being, including thought, creativity and the need to defend the truth accessible to man, led me to the idea that combat is a concentrated form of life in which many functions and aspects of personal and social relations are encoded. The discovery of the volume of "movements" in these relationships led me to create the "Russian spherical defense" combat system. So the martial art was organically woven into & nbsp;
my comprehension of reality through art, historical and philosophical 
research and literary creation.

Viktor Sirotin
Photo by Evgeny Novozhilov

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